Saturday, 11/30/2024
at 7:30 PM

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Great masters are not killable - they made him feel every bone in his body at Dancing Stars, awarded him the Amadeus for his life's work, and then a life-threatening illness struck him.
None of that could harm him, now he is back.
It is probably the comeback of the year, of the decade - a musical resurrection.

He ignites a fireworks of humorous anecdotes from a rich musician's life with colleagues like Konstantin Wecker, EAV, STS, Wilfried, Falco, and others, as well as private soap and horse operas.

The mishaps and jokes will make everyone leave with a smile.

In between, he plays a "best of" with his guitarist Jaxx Bahaudeen, including musical milestones like "Fritze mit der Spritze," "Wear my love like a coat," "Fandango," "Cocaine," and the highlights from the highly acclaimed last album; songs for which he swept the Amadeus Award for his life's work last year.

They will probably be the classics of the future and will remain forever, eternally in the ear, even "when the music stops playing."

Yes, there is a life before death, and what a life!

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